Will and Reva Present: The Renegade

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The Will & Reva EP and Tour is a Lewis and Clark (i.e. Gray and Williams) expedition into the unknown.
Our EP, “The Renegade” is a bellwether. We want to be renegades. We want to do renegade work. We want to break ranks with what has come before that has dealt out unkind values, aesthetics and mythologies. We are renegades because we don’t adhere to or believe the Overculture. We are renegades in the work of witnessing what we and one another and the possibilities of love and art and friendship are up to.

We met while I was an artist in residence at the Contemporary Music Center on Martha’s Vineyard. Reva was visiting the campus as a guest lecturer and performer.
We wrote our first song together when Reva was in Boston with her band Gretel and I had moved back to the Massachusetts area to teach the songwriting class at the music school I had attended. We started a small batch of songs and began crafting a sound and an ethos. There was darkness and sorrow living underneath the songs.

We wrote, but never recorded the songs, and for a couple of years, we carried on something like an oral tradition with lyrics and melodies shifting and reforming. The songs grew-up; developed their own personalities, ways of being and being known.

After touring together and living through the process of making Broke*, so many people commented on our duet covering Patty Griffin’s “Top of The World” that we were again reminded that we should document some of our songs, and we made a pact to do so. So, we began recording “The Renegade”, the first micro-collection of the many songs we’ve written together, and will continue to write.

~ Will

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