We’re All Fans // 200 Words (vol 2)

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I was afraid of werewolves and dancing monsters in the street, so I didn’t get Michael Jackson. The album had been out for awhile, but even a couple of years removed from the initial release, my older brothers watched the Thriller video on repeat. By the time I was six or seven, they were fully equipped with rubber masks, zippered pleather jackets, plastic vampire teeth… Tirelessly attempting to learn the dance. I lived in perpetual fear.

It wasn’t until I saw Michael Jackson on the GRAMMY’s singing “The Way You Make Me Feel” & “Man in the Mirror”, that I was transfixed by the way he moved, and how his voice seemed to cut through to my soul. It was both inspirational and aspirational. I wanted to sing and dance! We would pin sheets to the walls in the hallway and try to backlight ourselves with flashlights to recreate the shadowed silouhette. I would stand in my sock feet sliding, floating around the kitchen… pretending to moonwalk.

Sadly, I’ve performed more concerts than I’ve attended, but those GRAMMY moments fueled me. They taught me. I hope to feel that same wonder and inspiration watching the GRAMMY’s on Sunday. We’re all fans.

Will Gray

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