The Broke* Movement Evolves

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Will Gray

Five years ago, Broke* sparked a conversation between musicians and their supporters about what it means to be an artist in today’s world, and what that landscape will look like in the coming years.

In July 2013, filmmaker/artist and Broke* director, Will Gray, lost his life to a painfully aggressive cancer. Throughout every aspect of Will’s journey — his work as an artist, as a filmmaker, and even the tragic end of his young life — Will leaned greatly into a community of fans, family, and friends.

It is in that spirit, always focusing on the power of community to nurture the people who believe in creating great art, that The Will Gray Blueprint is born.

The Will Gray Blueprint is an online connection point allowing fans to become patrons to directly support the musicians they love. Through this project, we aim to start answering the tough questions posed in Broke* and provide a tangible way for fans to support touring artists by helping mark line items off their budget like food, gas, housing, and roadblocks such as a flat tire or stolen gear.  We aim to continue the movement to which Will dedicated his life.  In an interview in 2012, Will said, We’re encouraging everyone to take ownership of the music and artists they love. The fact is, great art dies if it isn’t nurtured. So, we must care for our artists if we want to live in a world with a high level of art.”

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Artists interested in applying to be a Will Gray Blueprint artist can email Angie at

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