The Second Annual Philly F/M Festival Presents: Broke*

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Philadelphia — Broke*, a documentary film by songwriter/artist Will Gray, exploring the challenges he and other emerging indie artists face in establishing sustainable careers, will screen at the Second Annual Philadelphia Film and Music Festival on Sunday, September 25th at 6:45 PM. The screening will be held at the Invincible Pictures Philly Sound Stages located at 1600 N. 5th St, Philadelphia, PA 19122.

Starting with the question, “is it possible for an artist to break through in today’s music industry climate?”, Broke* integrates a reality storyline of Gray’s experiences over the past 18 months chronicling his artistic pursuits, with reflections from over a dozen other indie artists on their struggles and successes in attempting to create sustainable careers.

Commentary from a variety of industry experts, including managers, agents, and lawyers, punctuate the dialogue, while major label artists John Legend, Kelly Clarkson, and Isaac Slade from The Fray, give unique insight to the issues facing emerging artists today. Media futurist, entrepreneur, and best-selling author Seth Godin also provides his predictions on the changing nature of the music industry.

As a filmmaker, Will Gray includes fellow indie artists Reva Williams of Gretel, Emily Hope Price, Hymns, Damien Horne, Joonie, The Fieros, J Bling, Will Dailey, Trent Dabbs, and Ben Kesler, to provide a cross-section of experiences as they all struggle to find a way to survive and make an impact as working artists and musicians.

The film culminates with a showcase performance by Will Gray and band at a local Nashville, TN venue. The challenges of putting that one show together are highlighted, and the performance itself includes a walk-on guest appearance by legendary guitarist and producer Buddy Miller.

Commenting on the film, Will Gray added, “We hope the film helps the audience relate a little bit more to the process of being an independent artist. Our goal is to spark a dialogue between audience and artist through additional interviews, music, and information on the Broke* website (”

Along with Gray’s work as producer/director, Jonathan Kofahl served as director of photography and Stacey Schroeder as principal editor for the film. Broke* was primarily financed through crowd-funding and the sale of Broke* logo t-shirts, a further illustration of the indie work environment.

“We are still exploring a variety of distribution opportunities for the film,” added Gray’s manager, Dan Beck, who is also Executive Producer of the film. “We plan to integrate film festivals, music industry screenings, a limited collegiate theatrical release, video-on-demand, and cable exposure as a means to expand the exposure for Broke*.” Sponsorship opportunities are also pending.

A digital-only soundtrack album featuring most of the indie artists in Broke* is available now, via the Broke* website. The soundtrack will not only help cross-promote the film, but also serve as a sampler to introduce these independent artists to a larger audience.

Philadelphia Film and Music Festival Screening Schedule
Sunday, September 25th
Time: 6:45 PM
Location: Invincible Pictures Philly Sound Stages // 1600 N. 5th St, Philadelphia, PA 19122
Click Through to Purchase Tickets

For further information contact:
Dan Beck

P: 646-421-6911

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