Haters Gonna Hate // 200 Words (vol 1)

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Bear with me as I contradict myself for a moment.

I’ve been thinking about how much I dislike when people spend inordinate amounts of time discussing (and thus promoting) things they don’t like. We could all be talking about (and thus promoting) many other things that we enjoy! Maybe we love to hate. It might be our national pastime!

The recent Lana Del Rey SNL debacle has brought a newfound light to this pandemic of hate. Why were so many people, so quick to jump all over her because she had a pretty bland performance? Why not dismiss it, and move on? Tweet and blog about a band or singer that is incredible and puts on amazing shows. Yet, the highest of media gatekeepers and tastemakers spent their weekend pontificating about how they thought her performance was so terrible. 1. I’ve heard worse. 2. Who cares?

The 2012 Broke* Movement is all about the positive. Obviously, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and is completely free to express it through whatever digital or analog formats they choose. Yet, I resolve to spend more time celebrating the good, beautiful, and true rather than the terrible, wretched, and false.

Will Gray

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